Maynard Homeowners: What Do You Know About Drain Cleaning?

Maynard Homeowners: What Do You Know About Drain Cleaning?

The bathroom has been the site of some of the world’s greatest thinking – but that doesn’t mean we spend a lot of time thinking about the bathroom. In fact, unless something is going wrong, we often don’t think about our home’s plumbing at all. Today’s the day to change that trend and learn about the one plumbing preventative maintenance task that can, if done properly, save you from the messy inconvenience of a stopped toilet and emergency plumbing repair costs.

We’re talking about drain cleaning. Specifically, we’re talking about Maynard sewer drain cleaning. To understand why drain cleaning is important, it helps to understand how your home’s plumbing works.

Every home has a toilet. If you could peer through the floor, you’d see that there’s a drain pipe that carries the water and waste material away every time you flush. Follow this drain pipe, and you’ll see it traveling, eventually going underground to join up with the municipal sewer system or your home’s septic system.

As long as water and waste material can move freely and easily through this pipe, you’ve got no problem. But what happens – and this happens to every homeowner – is that naturally occurring sediments settle out of the waste water stream and accumulate on the inside of the pipe. When these sediments accumulate to a significant depth, they form a clog. That’s when your toilet backs up!

There are other reasons that the sewer drain pipe can become clogged.  If someone flushes down an improper item – such as  a hand towel, disposable diaper, small stuffed toy – it’s game over. The waste water can’t move past the obstruction.

Maynard Drain Cleaning is the answer.  Performed by your Maynard plumber, drain cleaning quickly and completely flushes out the interior of your home’s sewer drain pipe. Any accumulated sediment or obstructions are washed away. Your drain pipe is ready for business! Every home needs sewer drain cleaning. If you haven’t had the drains cleaned in more than 2 years, call your Maynard plumber today!

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