Hopkinton Sewer Drain Cleaning: What You Need To Know About Tree Roots

“I think I shall never see … anything as lovely as a tree!”

Trees can be absolutely beautiful, enhancing our landscape and adding grace and elegance to the yard. However, tree roots aren’t necessarily so pretty – particularly where our sewer pipes are concerned!

When we talk about sewer drain pipes, we’re talking about the network of pipes that connect the toilets in your home to the municipal sewer system or private septic tank. These pipes run underground, hidden from view.

Sewer drain pipes contain water and waste materials. Trees sense the presence of water and waste materials. Our waste is the tree’s rich fertilizer: if the trees reach it, they will grow bigger and stronger. For this reason, tree roots force their way into sewer drain pipes.  Tiny roots look for the most vulnerable point: a tiny crack or hole is all they need.  Once in, the tree roots tap into the nutrient-rich stream of waste materials. That’s when they start to grow.

Your Hopkinton plumber can tell you, tree root growth can cause sewer drain clogs and damage to your sewer drain pipes. They can also show you the situation for your very own home. A process called visual inspection allows your Hopkinton plumber to use a special camera to view your sewer drain pipes from the inside out.  If you have tree root penetration, this process will discover it. If you don’t have tree root penetration, this process will discover that as well! There’s no need for expensive exploratory excavation.

Every tree root situation is different. Your Hopkinton plumber will discuss what your options are. In some instances, where tree root penetration is minimal, it is sometimes possible to remove the tree roots without disturbing the sewer drain pipes.  In other situations, more extensive work may be required.

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